four pillars

In my counseling practice I have created an integrative approach that I refer to as the ‘four pillars’. Each of the pillars are unique therapeutic approaches that I have studied and implemented over the past decade, and which complement one another via the focus on conscious awareness.


The pillars are:

These pillars are both the supports and guide posts that will help you along your healing journey. By working to increase consciousness, you can more successfully work towards breaking the patterns that stand in the way of growth and self-liberation.

Mindfulness and Meditation practices provide opportunities to deepen ones relationship to self, others, and place. These practices also work to calm the mind and body, and offer one space to focus on the generative aspects of life.

Narrative therapies help with understanding the stories we tell about the world, others, and ourselves, and how these stories influence our beliefs, interactions, and self-image.

Archetypal psychology offers insight into the patterns recognizable throughout the course of human history. Archetypes are the blueprints that help us to map the patterns present in our lives, and the ways in which they promote or inhibit personal growth. Many of these patterns are passed through family history, others through the cultures that surround and work through us. Through discussions on the complex realities of archetypes, individuals gain increased awareness into how these patterns come into being and shape their lives.

Ecotherapy offers immersive outdoor experiences and a comprehensive language on the forms and patterns in nature that reflect one’s own growth and development. Both in person here in Santa Fe, New Mexico and virtually, an Ecotherapeutic framework offers opportunities for individuals to deepen their relationship to self by deepening their relationship to the natural world around them.


With these pillars serving as the foundation of my counseling practice, I am able to support individuals with coming into greater consciousness around the gifts that have enabled them to endure the complex personal histories and circumstances they face. Together we can map the path towards a more sustaining and joyful life.